Each Way Betting Explained – The Basics

One common waging type in horse racing that takes place in the UK is Each Way Betting. This article will properly explain Each Way Betting basics and properly elucidate terms associated with it.
To place two bets, there must be backing of a horse Each Way like on the best football prediction sites. The two bets are for the horse’s winning and placing. The horse winning means one wins both bet. When the horse places and does not win, one only wins the bet that was placed.
As explained above, placing two bets means you place one to win and one to lose. Therefore, placing a specific amount on each way bet will charge a double of the amount placed. It is vital to know the terms placed. Although this is reliant on number of people running and the race type. Below, are current conditions.
Runners with four or less.
This is only for win. Four number or less runners in a race is not common in Each Way Betting.

Five – seven runners:
Odds of placed terms here are usually ¼ and the horse must come with first or second.

Runner with eight numbers or higher:
Odds of placed terms here are usually 1/5 and also, the must come in first, second or third.

A race with twelve – fifteen runners is referred to a handicap:
This is similar with race with five – seven runners. Odds of placed terms here are usually ¼ and the horse must come with first or second.

Also, sixteen runners or more in a race is a handicap:
Odds of placed terms here are usually ¼ and the horse must finish 1st-4th.

In avoiding doubt, if the race title is inclusive of the “handicap” word, one should notice the numbers of runners because it would affect numbers of paid places and the position of the odds of element.

The terms can be affected by non-runners. Looking at an example, eight runners in a run means the first three are placed normally. However, the presence of a non-runner with seven number of horses beginning the race, to be able to receive, it is needful the horse finishes first or second. In this race, what is significant are the numbers of horses competing in that race and not the declared numbers that were to run.

There is a shared similar frustration – that is, a handicap seventeen-runner has a combination of withdrawals that are late thus, decreasing it by making the runners fifteen and places the first three.

Sometimes, but mostly in races that are bigger e.g, Grand National, bookmarkers bargain terms that are Each-Way in order to pay out on, especially on the places that are evenly six or the first five places. It is vital one pays proper attention to them.
This article was written, basing on horse racing in the UK.
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